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BabyCord Share works on the concept of sharing of your baby's stem cells amongst a community of parents who have also preserved their baby's stem cells with LifeCell. This innovative concept provides a comprehensive stem cell protection for the baby, its siblings, parents and grandparents against all conditions treatable by stem cells.


How does BabyCord Share work?

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Extend the protection of stem cells to your entire family at just Rs.5000



Your baby's stem cells become part of LifeCell's community pool of umbilical cord stem cell samples preserved by other families like yours.


When the need for donor stem cells arises for any of the family members, you can access LifeCell's community pool at no additional cost

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Benefits of upgrading to BabyCord Share


Covers all conditions treatable by stem cells

Through BabyCord Share you are not only covered for the conditions treatable by your own stem cells but also the ones that require donor stem cells including conditions such as Thalassemia and Leukemia. LifeCell's growing inventory provides you the best chance of finding a matching donor unit for all conditions treatable by stem cells.


Extended Family Protection


Along with your baby, the entire family including their siblings, parents and grandparents can now receive the protection of stem cells.

Unlimited Retrievals:

Get as many matching donor samples as per your need at no additional cost. Matching donor stem cells otherwise may cost between Rs.15-20 lakhs per unit at a public bank.
Refund of Processing & Storage Fee:

If your baby's stem cells is used for a life-saving treatment of another community member, you receive a full refund of the processing and storage fee paid to LifeCell. Nevertheless, you continue to be part of the community.

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