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Listen What Other Parents Have To Say On Stem Cell Banking With LifeCell!

Help your loved one make the right decision to preserve their baby’s umbilical cord stem cells with India’s 1st and largest stem cell bank.

But wait, that’s not all! You also help them

Safeguard their baby from the impact of 90+ conditions & family members from 82+ conditions

Get access to the largest inventory of 75,000+ qualified cord blood units

Achieve > 97% chance of finding an Indian-origin stem cell match

Receive upto 2 free placental tissue products (allografts) which can be used to treat wounds

Obtain financial assistance upto Rs.20 lakhs for every stem cell transplantation

Gain highest retrieval experience with a safe transplantation program involving 83 retrieval (64 in India & 19 Internationally)

  1. By submitting this form you provide consent to be contacted by LifeCell for promotions.
  2. Referral benefit is not applicable for LifeCell Select Plan.
  3. This referral program is applicable exclusively for LifeCell customers who have enrolled for umbilical cord blood stem cell banking service.
  4. This referral campaign is for soliciting new customers through existing customers for umbilical cord stem cell banking service.
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  9. The referred leads should complete enrolment in all aspects. The referee will be eligible for gratification only upon the lead’s successful enrolment.
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  14. LifeCell reserves the right to suspend / discontinue / modify the referral campaign and / or its terms and conditions at its sole discretion.
  15. Existing customers can share the details of referring leads via online registration form in the website, online promotions, e-mail, call to toll free or SMS. Any other channels of referrals will not be considered for the campaign.